Support Dresden Collective on their way to Capital Fringe Festival, July 2019

We’re almost halfway to our goal — which means we’ve made it out of Texas!

It’s a long way from Marfa, Texas, to Washington, DC. About 1850 miles, in fact. Dresden Collective has been accepted to perform at the 2019 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C. This prestigious event showcases new works from emerging artists from across the US. This marks Dresden Collective’s first festival performance and the first appearance by any Far West Texas theatre company at the Festival. Every dollar of your support makes this trip possible, by covering production, transportation and travel costs. 

Thank you for helping bring a Borderland’s voice to our nation’s capital.



The first mile is the most important!

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You probably value a good sasparilla!

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Because you’re #1 with us!

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We think you fell from Heaven…

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Goat Roper


You’re not kid-ding around!

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We’ll see you on the range!

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We’re drunk on your love!

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Thanks for leading the charge!

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..y muy simpatico.

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Fellow Traveler


We wouldn’t want to journey without you!

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True Believer


Thank you for believing in Borderlands theatre.

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