Fresh. Indie. Theatre. January 10-11 2020.

We experiment on the desert. The inaugural Fringe Marfa is an experiment. 



What is Fringe?

Independent Theatre by Actor-Creators

We could explain this away, but come out and see.



A 2-day physical theatre immersive spectacle of critically acclaimed artists-as-thought-leaders (come on, it is Marfa)

Solo acts on Friday night. Ensemble acts on Saturday night. Plus a few surprises.


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Plan Your Journey

Come out to the Fringe of America – Marfa, Texas

Many ways to get here. Many places to stay. Take our recommendations or make your own. Enjoy the adventure!

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See Who We Are

From Brooklyn to San Diego, our performers include coal miners, time travelers, first-time voters, and other punk species.

Take a sneak peek at the performance lineup. Prepare yourselves: we’re a clown-heavy festival. That said, clown may be the most serious theatric choice. Think existential, not circus. Show details will be up in the coming weeks.

You’ll get a chance to learn from our actor-creators too. During the day on Saturday, we’ll host panels about the craft and the works. Plus local opening acts. And maybe even a chance to meet the official Fringe Marfa Horse…?

We’ll fill in the details as we go along, so sign up to our Stay In Touch list to keep up with the latest.

Thank you for supporting fresh independent theatre in the rural borderlands! We’re looking forward to seeing you!