Marfa Theatre Incubator

Giving a Voice to the US-Mexico Borderlands


A place to help actors, playwrights, and theatre companies develop their work in one of the most geographically unique and artistic places in the country. Faculty specialties include physical theatre, rhythmic acting, and singing voice rehab (among others). Week-long workshops result in devised performances for (the local) rural and borderland audiences. 

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Dresden Collective at work, reviewing new scripts.


Hope Lafferty

Founder and Managing Director, Marfa Theatre Incubator – Artistic Director, Playwright and Actor, Dresden Collective

At a Washington, DC seminar on stage directing, Hope Lafferty heard a plea for “more rural voices.” Her first thought: “You have no idea what you’re asking for. Don’t expect us to be 2-dimensional.” Within two months, Dresden Collective was born.
Recognizing that folks in rural communities share the same DIY way of life as indie rock bands, Dresden Collective embodies this rough-and-ready spirit.
The Dresden Collective goal: to Serve and Entertain.
Serve: (1) provide opportunities to our communities to participate in a new theatre experience, either in the audience or as part of the show; (2) deliver new theatre designed to engage contemporary audiences who are used to digesting tons of entertainment, very little of it live
Entertain: (1) offer fun, compelling—even ecstatic—live performances; (2) examine [dirt] roads less traveled by most of the American theatre-going public.

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Dresden Collective is the performance arm of Marfa Theatre Incubator